Thomas Alexander 460

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The boat described is ideal for family or friendly outings at sea. It can accommodate up to 6 people and has a length of 4.60 meters and a width of 1.90 meters, offering sufficient space for the comfortable movement of passengers.

The boat’s main engine is a 30-40hp Mercury, offering enough power to move quickly and smoothly through the water. As for the secondary engine, it is Mercury 3.5 hp. It is important to choose an auxiliary engine that effectively complements your main engine and offers safety and flexibility while sailing.
As for the fuel tanks, the main tank has a capacity of 25 liters and there is also a spare tank with a capacity of 5 liters for extra safety and a reasonable range.

In terms of equipment, the boat includes:

GPS tracking system to monitor and control the course of the vessel.
Bathing ladder for easy entry and exit from the water.
Refrigerator with ice packs (cooler) to keep your drinks and food cool during the excursion.
Large sundeck that provides shade and protection from the sun.
Leather cushions for comfortable seating.
Sun bed to enjoy the sun and the view.
Electric power trim to adjust engine angle and improve boat performance.
Safety equipment including first aid kit, life jackets and fire extinguisher for passenger safety.
USB-MP3 radio to listen to music while sailing.
Cup holders for the safe placement of glasses.
Car charger for charging electronic devices.
Please note that this particular boat does not require a license to use it, making it accessible even for novice sailors.

Overall, this boat offers a comfortable and safe experience at sea, allowing you to enjoy unforgettable outings with your loved ones.

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